Hi there

If you're reading this, you came here either because I contacted you directly or you saw one of my posts on the internet.

This project is preperation for and part of my bachelors thesis and I'd like to ask you to spend some development time for me to support my paper.

What is this?

Componer lets you implement and compare different components in multiple frameworks.

This is done since I want to compare the developer experience in different component based frontend frameworks for my bachelor thesis.

Over the years many frontend frameworks got created and also the platform (what the browser supports out of the box, often referred to as "vanilla") made some big improvements introducing Custom Elements and more.

This leads many teams to a point where they don't know what's best to pick when developing a new application.

Why component focus?

Modern development often works component based and nearly all major framworks support a component oriented way of doing things.

Because of this component development is a major factor in the developer experience working with those frameworks.

So what does this do and why do I need your help?

The goal of this project is, to compare the developer experience of different approaches to component driven web development mainly dictated by modern frameworks like Vue or React.

To do this, I need you.

Based on your experience using those frameworks and what you write back in the questionaires I can analyze and compare the developer experience of those frameworks.

Unknown Words

If you find any word that is not clear to you like e.g. variation, take a look at the Glossary

🚀 Quickstart

The easiest way to get started is to jump in and follow the How To Contribute guide. It will guide you on setting up the project and give you an introduction to componer and how to get your first component running.